Ricetta Frillo


1,000 kg
Whole Eggs
0,700 kg
Water at 40°C
0,700 kg

1. Pour the mix and the eggs into the planetary, mix with a fish bone for 1 min at low speed and add the water
2. Mix it for 2 min at low speed and for 4 min at high speed until the dough becomes smooth and homogeneous
3. Let it rest for 10 min in the mixer
4. Pour the dough directly on the baking paper with a smooth or striped spout bag
5. Divide the dough into desired weight
6. Let the cream puffs into boiling oil for few seconds
7. Fry at 175°C. To obtain 40g cream puffs fry 8 min. for a homogenous browning.
8. ATTENTION: set up frying time according to size
9. Fill with custard cream or sprinkle with icing sugar

To obtain a well-developed and dry cream puff, check that the oil is constantly at the indicated temperature