7Chef has a new look!

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See the new face of our frozen line in piping bags.

Respecting the brand’s identity, the boxes’ restyling and appearance will immediately link the products to their use:

  • FILLING CREAMS: red is the color associated to the pastry express filling (custard cream, chocolate cream, pistachio cream, white chocolate cream etc)
  • DESSERT CREAMS: violet is the color linked to the products suitable to make dessert (Tiramisù, crema al mascarpone, cuore di cioccolato, semimou, etc)
  • SAVORY CREAMS: yellow is the color we choosed for the products suitable to prepare finger food, snack, sandwich and pasta dressing (Crema al Parmigiano Reggiano, crema cuor di gorgonzola, Curry, crema al Cheddar, crema Bufalina etc)

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