PANETTONE – Kneading machine with diving arms



Ricorrenze 4,000 kg
Strong Fleur 2,500 kg
Beer Yeast 0,020 kg
Butter 1,000 kg
Water (not cold) 3,000 kg
Tot. 10,520 kg
Poolish 10,520 kg
Ricorrenze 6,000 kg
Sugar  0,450 kg
Water (not cold) 1,900 kg
Egg Yolk 2,250 kg
Butter 1,800 kg
Salt 0,080 kg
Raisins  2,300 kg
Orange/Cedar candied  2,300 kg
Aromas as desired
  Tot. 27,600 kg


This recipe requires 20 hours of preparation.

• The evening before, knead the poolish’s ingredients for about 20 min. until the dough becomes compact and homogeneous (dough’s temperature between 25-27°C).
• Leaven the poolish for 12/14 hours at 24°C, UR 75%. The dough shall triple its volume.
•The morning after add RICORRENZE, Sugar and Salt to the first dough, add the desired aroma and knead until the dough comes off the bottom; insert little by little egg yolk, water and the soft butter. If desired, you can replace half of the water with Marsala (dough’s temperature between 26-28°C)
• As desired add raisin and candied fruits and knead until they are incorporated.
I° FERMENTATION: in cell for 2 hours and ½ at 30°C and 80% U.R.
• For a 750g Panettone divide the dough into 810g pieces or for a 1000g Panettone divide into 1100g pieces and round them up. Handle the product with butter without using flour.
• Let the dough rest for about 20 min. Round pieces again and place them into ramekins.
FINAL FERMENTATION: in cell for 3-4 hours at 30°C and 80% U.R.
• Place the ramekins at room temperature for 10 min., carve the surface with a classical cross-cut lifting edges outward (as desired put a knob of butter in the cut center).
• Bake at 170/180°C for 45/55 min. Insert a thermometer in the heart of the product and verify that the temperature reaches the 94°C, otherwise keep baking
• Flip the Panettone upside down using the dedicated needles. Before bagging, let them rest for at least 12 hours.

We suggest a flour with at least W=380 e P/L=0,5. In case of weak flour reduce the water’s quantity.
The specification includes sour yeast. The indicated dose of yeast is allowed as starter.
The specification allows to use only butter.
The specification allows to use only grade A eggs.
It is recommended to use 9×9 cubes candied fruits and rehydrate raising before its use. Insert products at the same dough’s temperature. If it is decided not to use them, the name under which they are sold must show the words “without candied fruit”.

Respects the specification of the Decree Law 22 July 2005

With 10 kg of RICORRENZE you obtain 34 PANETTONI of 750g or 24 of 1kg.