Tex Max: the spicy NEW ENTRY 🌶


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Our 7Chef Savoury Creams selection is expanding, with a spicy new entry … TEX MAX has arrived!

The new Mexican-style Tomato Cream, created in collaboration with Chef Max Mariola, is the ideal solution to diversify menus and to propose dipping and original dishes, such as Fajitas, Huevo Rancheros, Mozzarella Cheese Balls, Vegetable Pinzimonio… TEX MAX is also suitable for vegetarian recipes.


Moderately spicy and prepared with high quality ingredients such as PGI Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jalapeño chili peppers, selected spice mix, Tex Max is perfect for restaurants, bars, hamburger joints, pubs and caterers to be able to always offer new proposals to their customers.

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