Mission and Values

 Experience accrued over more than eighty years of activity, along with an unquenchable passion passed down from one generation to the next, have enabled us to build Guerra S.p.a. into an enterprise in constant growth and evolution. It is our daily commitment to unite our interest in food technologies with our respect for ancient craft traditions, to create safe, innovative and high-quality products. Our focus is on the requirements of our customers. Our technical development is driven by a desire to support and share the concerns and projects of our customers. Our commercial, marketing, technical and regulatory support services complement the quality of our products.



We consider quality to be the highest of our corporate values; it has guided our development up to the present and it sustains our daily decision making. Quality means the satisfaction of our customers; this directedness towards the objective of quality involves the whole of our organisation, from the conception and development stages of a product right through to its Distribution and sale. Each raw ingredient that we select, every stage of the production process and each batch that leaves our premises, passes through a Quality Management System. Inspections are constant and meticulous with ever higher qualitative Standards.


The path followed by our enterprise has always been marked by a willingness to conjoin enhancement of our traditions with a strong innovative spirit. The Guerra company conducts research and experimentation into new technologies on a daily basis in order to develop products for the next generation technical and commercial solutions. Our Research and Development activity is based on our awareness that the world in which we operate is in constant evolution and that markets diversify constantly. This is why we offer complete support to our customers: from the analysis of market trends to seeking out raw materials and innovative ingredients, from developing new formulations to the first stages of industrial-scale production.


Starting from our first years of activity, our desire to guarantee the highest levels of safety and quality to our customers has led our company to apply a Self-Monitoring Plan based on HACCP principles – Hazard Analysis and Monitoring of Critical Control Points, along with Retraceability procedures. Its adherence to HACCP principles means that our company has codified all of the necessary procedures for identifying and resolving every single cricitcal point. This means every source of danger for the product is eliminated. The health of our customers is guaranteed.


This is a character trait that marks out an ability to accompany our customers as true partners. Guerra offers quality products together with solutions targeted to meet specific requirements. Thanks to its modern and flexible corporate structure and qualified staff, Guerra can meet requirements coming both from industry and from the distribution sector. Our Research and Development laboratories create tailor-made recipes for the food-producing industries: following their industrialisation, comparing the technical characteristics of production facilities, supporting production runs through continuous consultancy that is maintained through to The post-production stage. And the same level of attention is given to our handcraft clients, to whom we offer products able to pre-empt and satisfy market demands. We simplify work processes, while leaving room for individual creativity.