Our Customers


The experience we have accrued in the bread and cake-making sector makes us an ideal partner in providing solutions that suit professionals working in this sector.
A vast range of products conceived for improving and simplifying productive processes guarantees to bakers and cake makers savings in time, high quality finished products and plenty of room for individual creativity.
We can ensure full coverage of the national area thanks to our collaboration with the major distributors of the bakery sector and a retail chain that supports our customers both technically and with marketing. We export to more than twenty countries.


We offer a range of products to the food-making industries to meet every specific requirement.
The expertise we have developed over the years enables our Research and Development department to create customised recipes that are enriched by a constant advice service on processes for using the product.
Furthermore, our attention extends to personalised solutions for packaging and logistical issues.


For the hotel, bar, restaurant and catering services market, 7chef is a complete range of semifinished frozen products for preparing sweet and savoury dishes.
All of the products in the range are packaged using innovative packaging – the piping bag – that offers a highly pratical and advantageous working tool.
We offer the restaurant market a revolutionary solution for the preparation of desserts: semifinished products for original and creative use that does not require skilled personnel and that offer replication of homogenous qualitative standards for various sales outlets, while keeping costs down.