Fama Food Service

For some years now, Guerra S.p.a. has been taking part in the Artoza trade fair in Athens, presenting the innovative products from its bakery range. This year, we took part together with Fama Food Service, our leading customer in Greece, to promote various types of products from our traditional range, including the mixes for preparing Pan di Spagna (Sponge), Krapfen, and some products with distinctive technological features aimed at improving the performance of the finished article.

7Chef - Fama Food

And our experience at the Artoza Exhibition of 2015 was once again a decisive one, increasing our trading partnership and relationship of trust with our customer, thereby consolidating what has for years now been a corporate vocation to grow “alongside” our customers.


The Artoza Expo is one of the most important trade fairs in Southern Europe for the Bakery and Patisserie market, with more than 300 exhibitors and a flow of approximately 20,000 professional visitors. It represents the perfect launch pad for starting up new contacts and increasing the company’s visibility across international markets.