Pain Mais breadsticks

Pain Mais is a bread rich in seeds and spices characterised by its wholesome taste of maize and its distinctive yellow colour. It embellishes our range of traditional breads by adding a note of sunshine. Pain Mais proves particularly suitable for creating special formats such as grissini breadsticks.

PAIN MAÏS MIX 5,000 kg
Flour Type 00 5,000 kg
Water 4,400 kg
Yeast 0,300 kg


Knead the ingredients for 3 minutes at low speed and then for a further 7 minutes at high speed until a dry and omogenous dough is obtained; end temperature should not exceed 25°C.
Leave the dough to rest for 15 minutes, covered with a cloth.
Divide into 2 kg dough masses.
Put the dough masses through a dough sheeter at a thickness of 5 mm.
Using a dough cutter, cut the dough sheets into strips approx. 1 centimetre wide.
Place onto baking trays, shaping pieces so that they are approx. 1 cm longer than the tray. The extra length is to anchor the breadstick onto the edge of the tray to prevent its shrinkage during processing.
Using a spatula, cut the excess length, anchoring it to the edge.
Garnish the surface of the breadsticks with maize grits.
Prove in a leavening chamber at 30° with ambient humidity.
Bake for 20 minutes at 200°C.

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