Pan Mais
500 g
Flour W220
500 g
Brewer’s yeast
25 g
500 g
Smoked pancetta
140 g
100g ( around 2 eggs)
Grated pecorino cheese
75 g
Corn Grain
as needed

1. Knead all the ingredients and let the dough rest for 15 minutes. Spread it up to a thickness of 1cm creating a rectangle.
2. Cut it evenly across the width at 20cm intervals
3. Spread the surface with a mix of eggs and grated pecorino cheese then put some pancetta on the top
4. Fold the strips on themselves then cut into several pieces in order to create portions of maximum 80g
5. Without dividing it, make a central cut for each piece, then turn each piece on itself two times
6. Sprinkle with corn grain and then leave it to rise for 45 minutes in a leavening cell at 35°C with 80 % humidity
7. Bake at 190°C (rotor) or at 210°C (static) for 30 min.