Strong flour (1)
2,50 Kg
4,00 kg
Beer Yeast (2)
0,20 kg
Butter (1)
1,00 kg
Water (not cold) (2)
3,50 kg
11,20 kg
11,20 kg
6,00 kg
0,50 kg
Egg yolk
1,00 kg
Butter (3)
1,80 kg
0,08 kg
Orange/Cedar candied (4)
3,20 kg
25,78 kg
(1) We suggest a flour with at least W=380 e P/L=0,5. (2) Water should be measured according to the flour’s absorption. (3) Instead of butter you can use margarine or other fats’ type. (4) We suggest to use 9x9 pieces.
Orange & cèdre confits (5)
(3) In alternativa al burro si possono utilizzare altri grassi o margarine. (4) Si consiglia di usare cubetti 9x9.
Pois Total
25,78 kg
(1) Nous conseillons l’utilisation d’une farine d’au moins W=380 et P/L=0,5. (2) Le dosage de l’eau sera adapté en fonction du niveau d’absorption de la farine. (3) On peut remplacer le beurre par de la margarine ou une autre graisse. (4) Nous conseillons d’utiliser des cubes de 9x9.
  1. In the morning knead the POOLISH’S ingredients with a SPIRAL KNEADER for 3 min at I° speed and for 8 min at II° one (Final temperature of the dough 25-27°C)
  2. Leaven the POOLISH for 60 min in cell at 30/35°C and 80% U.R. The dough shall double its volume
  3. Add to the dough Ricorrenze, sugar, salt and the desired aroma, then knead until the dough comes off the bottom; add little by little egg yolk, water and the soft butter. If desired, you can replace half of the water with Marsala.
  4. Keep kneading for 20 min at II° speed until the dough becomes smooth (Dough’s temperature shall be around 26/28°C)
  5. Make the candied fruits at the same temperature of the dough and put them into it, knead at 1° speed as long as they’re incorporated to the dough
  6. 1° REST: 60 min, covered with a cloth
  7. To shape the dough as a dove “Colomba” of 750 g, divide the dough into 690g pieces and round them
  8. 2° REST: 30 min, covered with a cloth
  9. Divide the dough into two equal pieces, line and place in the mold first the part of the wings. As alternative split each piece into two and divide again into two. You will have two pieces of 170g to place in the wings’ position and another piece of 350g for the body
  10. LEAVEN in a cell at 30/35°C and 80% U.R. for 150 min (2 hours and ½)
  11. Let it rest for 10 min at room temperature, decorate the surface with around 80g of DOSE COVER icing and whole almonds, sprinkle with sugar grains and dust with icing sugar
  12. Bake at 170/180°C for 55/60 min; after the first 40 min open the valves
  13. Cool the Colombe upside down using the dedicated needles

With 10 kg of Ricorrenze you make 37 Dolci Pasquali.
It doesn’t follow the disciplinary of D.L. 22 July 2005.

If you want to use Ricorrenze and respect the above mentioned disciplinary, recipes and working ways are available.