COLOMBA – Spiral kneader



Strong flour (1)
2,50 Kg
4,00 kg
Beer Yeast (2)
0.02 kg
Butter (1)
1,00 kg
Water (not cold)
3,50 kg
11,02 kg
11,02 kg
11,020 kg
6,00 kg
0,50 kg
Water not cold
1,90 kg
Butter (3)
1,30 kg
Egg Yolk (4)
1,60 kg
0,09 kg
Candied citrus fruits (5)
3,30 kg
Aromas, icing and almonds
As desired
25,71 kg
(1) We suggest a flour with at least W=380 e P/L=0,5 (2) The specification includes sour yeast. The indicated dose of yeast is allowed as starter. (3) The specification allows to use only butter.

This recipe will require 20 hours of preparation

  1. The evening before, knead the poolish’s ingredients with a SPIRAL KNEADER for 2 min at I° speed and for 15 min at II° one (Final temperature of the dough around 25/27°C).
  2. Leaven the poolish for 12/14 hours at 24°C, UR 75%. The dough shall triple its volume.
  3. The morning after add Ricorrenze, Sugar and Salt to the first dough, add the desired aroma and knead until the dough comes off the bottom; insert little by little egg yolk, water and the soft butter. If desired, you can replace half of the water with Marsala.
  4. Keep kneading for 20 min at II° speed until the dough becomes smooth (Dough’s temperature 26/28°C).  Make the candied fruits at the same temperature of the dough and put them into it, knead at 1° speed as long as they’re incorporated to the dough.
  5. I° FERMENTATION: in cell at 30°C and 80% U.R. for 150 min (2 hours and ½).
  6. For a 750g Colomba divide the dough into 690g pieces.
  7. Divide the dough into two equal pieces, line and place in the mold first the part of the wings. As alternative, make two pieces of 170g and one of 350g, putting the smaller ones at the wings’ position.
  8. FINAL FERMENTATION: in cell at 30°C e 80% U.R. for 180 min (3 hours).
  9. Leave for 10 min at room temperature, decorate the surface with about 80g of icing and sprinkle with grains of sugar and whole almonds.
  10. Bake at 170/180°C for 55/60 min; after the first 40 min open the valves.
  11. Cool the Colombe upside down using the dedicated needles.

Respects the specification of the Decree Law 22 July 2005